WIR 9/15-9/21

Wednesday 9/15: Pretty quiet at the Wayland Community Gardens. Had time to check Heard Pond and finally had a ‘commute’ Great Egret for the year.

Thursday 9/16: Quick check of Arlington Res had 9 species of shorebirds including a snipe and pec plus a Yellow-rump.

Friday 9/17: Just enough time at Mt. Auburn to get the White-eyed Vireo (‘commute’ #241). Robins everywhere but little else.

Saturday 9/18: Started at Sandy Beach, which was fairly quiet. Light was awful too, so hard to pick out anything up in the treetops. Meadowbrook next, too wet and quiet. Spy Pond parking was full. Started for the res but headed to the greenhouse side of Waltham St. instead. Indigo, first Savannahs of the fall, not too much else.

Sunday 9/19: Planned on Groton but with overnight rain figured the res should be checked first. Good decision as there were 2 Red-necked Grebes. Also had a few Yellow-rumps and a Yellow Palm. Did Flint’s too on the way, just the loon and a couple cormorants. Fitch’s Bridge was a bit quieter than I hoped, but first of fall pipits, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, and White-throated Sparrow plus more Palms, a Swainson’s Thrush, and a Red-shoulder. Rocky Hill next, scolding every chickadee flock worked reasonably well with Blackpolls, Parulas, a Magnolia, a Pine, a few Black-and-whites and Yellow-rumps plus a Scarlet Tanager.

Monday 9/20: Blackpolls, redstart, RE Vireo, night-heron at Cookson, nothing much along the river (Spotted and White-throat right at the end). Had a few minutes in Arsenal Park midday and found absolutely nothing.

Tuesday 9/21: Didn’t get out, nothing of note in the yard.