WIR 1/19-1/25

Wednesday 1/19: Wasn’t great out and I wasn’t feeling great, so just a midday res run. One eagle, one Red-tail, a couple gulls and that was it.

Thursday 1/20: Peregrine at Moody St but nothing interesting among the waterfowl. Nothing much further up the river either.

Friday 1/21: Got the Yellow-rump at Dunback but nothing much else.

Saturday 1/22: Quick check of Draw Seven had nothing. Gull show was quite nice at Revere Beach, 3+ Lessers, 3+ Iceland, Glaucous among 10000 Herring. Wish it was a bit warmer though.

Sunday 1/23: Buzzed Wayland (mostly). Lots of Black Ducks but nothing rarer on Pelham Island Rd. No Rough-leg on Landham Rd. Gardens had a Savannah Sparrow plus an eagle and a bunch of ducks on the river. Not much on the Old Rt. 27 bridge. Sedge Meadow had a Fox Sparrow.

Monday 1/24: No Rough-leg or shrike or much of anything at Hanscom. Actually had more in the hundred yards along the edge of Gaining Ground on the way back to the car.

Tuesday 1/25: Nothing but geese east of Watertown Square, the usual ducks and land birds near the dam.