WIR 4/13-4/19

Wednesday 4/13: Lots of the expected stuff at BBN but nothing new for the year. Possible integrade teal possibly still present.

Thursday 4/14: Busy but had FOY Barn Swallow in a brief check of Heard.

Friday 4/15: Poked around the lower end of the Mystic Lakes looking for the early Yellow Warbler seen yesterday. No luck (probably heard it fly off), but a few Palms, a Yellow-rump, lots of kinglets, 2 eagles, 2 kingfishers, etc.

Saturday 4/16: Started at Squantum Point Park, which was pretty busy with common stuff, double digit Hermit Thrushes among others. Both teal down in the flooded spot plus a couple snipe and a few other things around. Squaw Rock was very quiet. Went to Millennium from there for Blue Grosbeak and Vesper Sparrow. Grosbeak wasn’t seen while I was around but I got the sparrows and a meadowlark, which was nice enough to fly across the river so I added it for Norfolk too. Also a good raptor show including a couple Osprey, a harrier, and a kestrel harassing a Cooper’s.

Sunday 4/17: Two sleeping scaup at Horn Pond were awake on the way out and proved to be Lesser. The Cooper’s Hawks and Barred Owls were having a fight and the Green Heron was still by the gardens but fairly quiet otherwise. South end of the Mystic Lakes was very quiet and there wasn’t too much at Sandy Beach either. Raven over the yard later was only my second here, although I’ve heard an occasional croak that was presumably one but never called again to be sure.

Monday 4/18: Caspian Tern was at Bolton Flats and I finally got Worcester county BW Teal too (swimming directly behind the tern). Lots of Green-winged, a couple Greater Yellowlegs, a few Rusties, etc. Continued to Pine Hill where there were kestrels fighting with a Merlin but might have been a bit too cool for insects.

Tuesday 4/19: Quiet post storm check. Common Merganser was the only non goose/mallard on the res, nothing at Flint’s or Nine Acre or French Meadow. Great Meadows had a Field Sparrow, BW Teal, and goldeneye but not much else (later in the day however…).