WIR 4/20-4/26

Wednesday 4/20: Debated the tern at Great Meadows but figured that was long gone (maybe), so went for the Hooded Warbler at Brooks instead. Took half an hour but it flew out eventually. Not too much else beyond kinglets around, but I didn’t have time for more than the pond, lounge, and stump dump.

Thursday 4/21: Hanscom had 9+ kestrels, a bunch of towhees, a thrasher, etc.

Friday 4/22: Got nicer than I expected at Arlington Res so no swallow show. No shorebirds beyond Killdeer either. Did finally get a ‘commute’ Savannah and a few Palms and Yellow-rumps plus Bufflehead and GW Teal. Not much at Hardy or the res either.

Saturday 4/23: No Louisiana Waterthrush at Nobscot but did get FOY BH Vireo plus a few others for the valley. Hop Brook finally had a Pileated and another couple valley year birds. Nothing much in the few feet of the Desert. Pine Elfin and Spring Azure at Assabet plus RB Nuthatch. Stopped at Water Row for a few, Chimney Swift, a few TVs and other raptors, 2 GW Teal, etc.

Sunday 4/24: Mt. Auburn trip was pretty quiet, not helped by a shower and by breaking my key in the gate. Stopped at Fresh Pond after, Greater Scaup and a loon about it. Blair Pond had some work going on behind and nothing.

Monday 4/25: College Pond had FOY Yellow Warbler plus BH Vireo (‘commute’ #100 for the year), gnatcatchers, 2 singing Winter Wrens, and a few others.

Tuesday 4/26: Four Common Mergansers on the res, parula and a bunch of Savannahs at BBN right on the parkway, then next to nothing from there.