WIR 4/27-5/3

Wednesday 4/27: Got slightly too nice at Great Meadows as I arrived, although doesn’t look like I missed much. Snipe was about the most interesting, still a Ring-neck and couple teal, plus ‘commute’ year Osprey and Chimney Swift.

Thursday 4/28: FOY Warbling Vireos along the Charles in Watertown, day late and an ibis short though.

Friday 4/29: Usual stuff at Purgatory and Forest Grove.

Saturday 4/30: Started at October Farm. First of spring Black-and-white finally plus a Pileated and a few other things. Brewster’s Woods were about the same (which makes sense since they’re essentially one property). Punkatasset had a pair of Winter Wrens in a brief check. Virginia Rail, couple cormorants, 11 Rusties at Kaveski. No birds at Flint’s on the way home but a bat flew along the edge of the pond.

Sunday 5/1: Did my annual WF Ibis tip (maybe). No obvious birds when I first drove up, so I went to Martin Burns for a loop. FOY RB Grosbeak plus nesting gnatcatcher, azures, Six-spotted Tiger Beetles, and a few others. Went back to the ibis spot and there were a few visible. Nothing but Glossy visible but I noticed a bigger flock off in the distance. Too heat hazy from the road so I walked down the trails a bit and they were super close. Eventually picked out a couple with pink knees, one with a minimal white face, one less so, so 1 hybrid and a White-faced or two hybrids? Also had my first May yard junco before leaving.

Monday 5/2: Expected a good arrival at BBN but other than orioles and a catbird, there wasn’t much. Lots of Yellow-rumps, 1 Yellow, and a Solitary Sandpiper, plus the merganser ‘flock’ was about it.

Tuesday 5/3: FOY kingbird and Spotted Sandpiper at Arlington Res plus first of commute Rough-winged Swallow (finally). More swallows at Hardy Pond.