WIR 5/4-5/10

Wednesday 5/4: No shorebirds at Great Meadows but FOY Cliff and Bank Swallows plus a harrier, 2 Osprey, and Hooded Merganser ducklings leaving their boxes.

Thursday 5/5: Vesper Sparrow was still at Upper Vine Brook. Dunback had FOY BT Blue, Ovenbird, Blue-winged, Least Flycatcher, House Wren, and probably more.

Friday 5/6: Went to the Mystic Lakes hoping the Caspian Tern was still around. Started at the south end and had lots of Yellow-rumps, a Least Flycatcher, a few other warblers, etc. Then got the message about the Swainson’s Warbler in the Fells. Ran right over but unfortunately the initial guessed directions were way off. Did have a Louisiana Waterthrush, a Nashville, and a few other things before having to give up and go to work and be taunted the rest of the day.

Saturday 5/7: Stuck around the Fells for a couple hours but no Swainson’s or much else. Swamp Sparrow was new for Winchester, think that’s #70 on all 16 local town lists. Went to Earhart after. Bit too windy but BH Vireo, a few warblers, and 2 Field Sparrows weren’t bad.

Sunday 5/8: Mt. Auburn again, nice manageable group. Couple Prairies, a waterthrush putting on a good show, a Magnolia, and a few others. Hayden Woods after wasn’t too busy but had a few things including a Rusty or two.

Monday 5/9: Finally another in office day, so stopped at Heard Pond on the way over. Felt quiet but still ended up near 50 species including YT Vireo, Sora, 6 Osprey, a couple eagles, 4+ Rusties. Just not a lot of warblers.

Tuesday 5/10: Prospect Hill for the first time in ages, fairly quiet. Res had nothing, and not much at Hardy either.