WIR 6/29-7/5

Wednesday 6/29: Family of ravens at Fresh Pond.

Thursday 6/30: Usual at Forest Grove.

Friday 7/1: Lots of emeralds (all Mocha?), a few butterflies, some cool flies, etc at Dunback.

Saturday 7/2: Started at Morrison Farm in Acton semiscouting for next week’s butterfly count. A few creepers, not a ton else. Ode walk at the Cranberry Bog after that, little too cloudy for much.

Sunday 7/3: Couldn’t dig up a Louisiana Waterthrush or Canada Warbler at Estabrook but a reasonable amount of other expected stuff. Went to Sedge Meadow next but got a text from Cliff about a Worm-eating at Dunback so I bailed. Walked the woods at Dunback for an hour and a half with no luck. Did get FOY Holopogon and a few other bugs.

Monday 7/4: Decided to go back out to Ashby. Fitchburg Res had the expected loons and a displaying Purple Finch. Blood Hill had several uncooperative Blackburnians, at least 2 sapsuckers, 2 Yellow-rumps, a Black-billed Cuckoo, a Green-striped(?) Darner, and more. Spent too long trying to see the Blackburnian so had to rush a bit at Watatic. Still had almost everything I wanted (missed Ruffed Grouse) and got 2 county odes! First was a moderately expected Banded Pennant, second was a surprising Ski-tipped Emerald!

Tuesday 7/5: Usual stuff at Hanscom, young Field Sparrows and a few butterflies the most interesting. Blue-wing family at Gaining Ground going/coming.