WIR 6/22-6/28

Wednesday 6/22: Alder, RB Grosbeaks foraging in a field, etc at Meriam’s.

Thursday 6/23: Couldn’t find a better idea than BBN. Turned out to be a good one though with a Great Blue Skimmer in the middle area! Birds were about the expected beyond a Virginia Rail calling near the parkway and lots of Rough-winged Swallows.

Friday 6/24: Usual stuff at College Pond, parking was full for Weston Station Pond.

Saturday 6/25: Led my Ashby BBC walk at Willard Brook. Lots of BT Blues, creepers, Ovenbirds, and thrushes. One Louisiana Waterthrush and maybe a distant Blackburnian. No odes on the brook. Stopped at Townsend State Forest on the way home, usual odes.

Sunday 6/26: Figured it would be too hot for much walking, so went towards Water Row. GM HQ first finally got me a Spotted Sandpiper in Sudbury, but no egrets or anything. The north end of Water Row had a Virginia Rail running across the road and a few other things. The overlook was fairly quiet. Decided to try Feely Field again and had a couple Green Heron and the rest of the usual, no kites obviously.

Monday 6/27: Nothing much at Great Meadows, did finally catch up with a Pileated there this year.

Tuesday 6/28: FOY Mocha Emerald at Rock Meadow, another emerald at the duck ponds, not much for birds.