WIR 7/13-7/19

Wednesday 7/13: Turkey chasing a Red-tail was about it at Rock Meadow. Duck ponds looked good for shorebirds but only robins so far.

Thursday 7/14: Egret and FOY Autumn Meadowhawk at Great Meadows.

Friday 7/15: There was a bit of mud at Hobbs Brook so I stopped. A few Least, 1 Solitary, a couple Spotted, some Killdeer, an Osprey, etc. They were working at the power lines, so I didn’t go up there, but did walk the trail closer to 128 a ways, need to see where that comes out as it looks good for passerine migrants.

Saturday 7/16: Went down to Borderland SP for Attenuated Bluet. Somehow missed that but lots of Scarlets and a first July Ring-necked Duck (believe that’s 80 species seen in every month now) among 7 Bristol county birds. Afternoon walk in Magnolia had the expected stuff.

Sunday 7/17: Deer Island was pretty dead. Belle Isle Cemetery had a few egrets and dowitchers but not enough to think it was worth going over to the main part. Earhart had good numbers of terns and an eagle chasing the Osprey around.

Monday 7/18: Finally a Green Heron at BBN, deer was about the only other thing of note.

Tuesday 7/19: Was debating leaving Great Meadows and going to the turnpike marsh as there were only a few Least around, but 3 ibis flew over, so I chased them down to Borden. They apparently didn’t land. Usual bugs as well.