WIR 8/31-9/6

Wednesday 8/31: Nothing at the res. Same shorebirds at Hobbs Brook, potentially including the melanistic yellowlegs Cliff found at BBN last week.

Thursday 9/1: Went to Prospect Hill for the first time in ages, not particularly worth the effort. Veery, Parula, Black-and-white about it.

Friday 9/2: Dunback had a Wilson’s, Parula, several redstarts, couple Veeries, a Wood Thrush, and a woodcock (on the ground!).

Saturday 9/3: Went west a bit. High Ridge WMA was on the quiet side, Merlin, Zabulon Skipper, Red Crossbills the most interesting. Lake Wampanoag Bog didn’t have much for odes, did have a Ruffed Grouse though.

Sunday 9/4: Hobbs Brook had better views of the yellowlegs, a Broad-wing, and an interesting skimmer. Four wigeon at the south end of the res.

Monday 9/5: Nothing at the res. Brief views of the adult Yellow-crowned at Borden, snipe finally at Great Meadows but not much else there. Fewer shorebirds at Hobbs Brook but the yellowlegs was close enough to get decent photos finally.

Chocolate Yellowlegs

Tuesday 9/6: Didn’t bother much with the rain, nothing in a midafternoon zip around the res. Did look up once while working to see a whole line of Herring Gulls going over.