WIR 9/7-9/13

Wednesday 9/7: Redstart and Red-eyed Vireo or two at Cookson, nothing on the Charles. Loon at Flint’s on the way home from the office.

Thursday 9/8: Nothing much at Kaveski or Meriam’s, so bailed and ran out to School St. where the Buff-breasted Sandpipers were just about scopeable from the road (commute #243!), plus the pintail.

Friday 9/9: Philadelphia Vireo and a siskin at Rock Meadow but very little else.

Saturday 9/10: Started at Squantum Point Park. Waterthrush, redstart, FOF Blackpoll about it there. Tide was too high so skipped the marshes and went to Passanageset. Heard a Dickcissel early but couldn’t find it even though it didn’t sound like a flyover. Full loop failed to turn up any turkeys and the shorebirds all got flushed before I got a look. Also FOF Palm or 3, a few Yellows, a Red-shoulder, etc. Eagle at the res but not much else on the way home.

Sunday 9/11: Started at Estabrook where one good flock had 4 Black-and-whites, a couple redstarts, a Magnolia, a Parula, and a Least Flycatcher. Not too much else, Sharpie, gnatcatcher, etc. Went to Foss Farm next, unsurprisingly no Lark Sparrow. Did the full loop through Greenough where a warbler flock was pretty similar to the one at Estabrook. Few Bobolinks and a bunch of RB Nuthatches were the only other things of interest. Decided to squeeze in a stop to Waltham St. on the way home. Started scanning the corn: Dickcissel no wait Bobolink, keep scanning ooh there’s a Dickcissel. Also Nashville and Palm.

Monday 9/12: Moderate number of warblers (decent for this year…) at BBN included a BT Green, Yellow, and Parula. Even though the marsh has filled, there were still a couple peep around plus a GW Teal.

Tuesday 9/13: Hobbs Brook had a few peep and Semipalmated Plovers plus a Greater Yellowlegs. Rain came in by the time I got to the end, so no passerines. Went around the res and to Hardy instead of walking the woods at that point and didn’t see much of anything.