WIR 9/14-9/20

Wednesday 9/14: Dunback was really quiet, 3 redstarts, a vulture, a grosbeak, and that was about it.

Thursday 9/15: Prairie Warbler, Osprey, 3 Blackpoll, 2+ White-throats, not much else at Danehy.

Friday 9/16: Not much beyond RB Nuthatches at Brewster’s Woods and October Farm.

Saturday 9/17: The annual hawkwatching day. Four loons on Fitchburg Res to start then very little on the hike up. Good Broad-wing day with 850+ along with lots of sharpies, 4 harriers, etc. Ten pipits were nice too.

Sunday 9/18: Missed the chat and no sign of the Golden-winged at Rock Meadow, busy for a bit with oriole, Swainson’s Thrush, a few Purple Finches, etc. Hayden Woods was pretty quiet beyond a BT Blue, Waltham St. was much quieter than last week but did get a Lincoln’s finally.

Monday 9/19: Very little at Great Meadows.

Tuesday 9/20: Fresh Pond had a few warblers and if I didn’t hit every red light on the way over I would have seen even more of them.