WIR 9/21-9/27

Wednesday 9/21: BT Green, Nashville, Lincoln’s, oriole or two at Rock Meadow.

Thursday 9/22: Too dark and eventually rainy to see anything.

Friday 9/23: 2 Lincoln’s, 2 redstart, Black-and-white, Palm, not much else at Dunback.

Saturday 9/24: Led my first MBC walk in ages at BBN. Best day of the fall although a lot wasn’t really cooperative. Ten species of warblers including Tennessee and Bay-breasted plus a few raptors, 4 GW Teal, etc. Went to Rock Meadow after where I didn’t see the Prothonotary, did add a few more including a tanager. Tried again late afternoon with no luck beyond a White-crowned Sparrow.

Sunday 9/25: Decided to continue with my original plan of the Wayland Community Garden and wait on Rock Meadow. Gardens started good with a male harrier and a Dickcissel at Cow Common. Clouded over and got a bit quiet, but I did get a Blackburnian in the woods (SRV bird!) although a possible Bay-breasted got away. Gardens themselves weren’t terribly active. Decided on a quick check of Heard Pond, which was good with 3 species of swallows and a Ring-neck. Rock Meadow was birdy off and on but no Prothonotary again. No luck with the Orange-crowned either but did have 2 tanagers, a Chestnut-sided, Parula, BT Green, and Nashville plus a mantis. 

Monday 9/26: One more try at Rock Meadow. Just about everything from the previous few days was around except for the Prothonotary. Prairie, tanager, Black-and-white, possible Orange-crowned were the highlights.

Tuesday 9/27: Still a few peep and Semipalmated Plovers at Hobbs Brook but nothing better. Walked the hillside a bit but the cloud cover and highway noise made it quite tough.