WIR 9/28-10/4

Wednesday 9/28: Kaveski had a pile of sparrows, a Dickcissel, a Peregrine, and a handful of warblers.

Thursday 9/29: Arlington Res had a Purple Finch, few warblers, PB Grebe, Greater Yellowlegs, and first local junco of the fall.

Friday 9/30: Weston Station Pond had a towhee, Merlin, lots of Yellow-rumps, a couple Solitaries, a couple GW Teal, and an eagle.

Saturday 10/1: Started at Great Meadows but the storm didn’t quite reach, so it was dead beyond Swamp and Song Sparrows. Started to head to Barrett’s Mill but the rain finally arrived so I gave it 20 minutes without anything dropping in. Rain picked up so I decided not to walk Barrett’s Mill and went to the res instead, which was quiet. Wasn’t as bad so I went to Rock Meadow, which was moderately birdy but nothing new (and no hummingbird or Cape May or anything).

Sunday 10/2: Thought trying Deer Island with NE winds would be a good idea. They turned out to be a bit strong, although I did find a somewhat sheltered spot partway around. A few ducks, one presumed shearwater, and lots of Laughing Gulls were about it. Went to Earhart next, still too windy but had a nice flock of Yellow-rumps and Blackpolls that included a parula and Cape May.

Monday 10/3: Tried Rock Meadow ago, still windy and the sun was staying away so it was pretty quiet. Three loons going over were about it, so I bailed and checked the res but no ducks had dropped in.

Tuesday 10/4: Blue-headed Vireo (first of fall finally) and a parula were about it at Dunback.