WIR 12/7-12/13

Wednesday 12/7: Little too rainy at Great Meadows and got there too late for the geese, did have a Marsh Wren at least. Not much on the res. Sharpie on the deck midday.

Thursday 12/8: Siskin, couple Purple Finches about it at Rock Meadow, Red-tail with most of a squirrel at the ponds.

Friday 12/9: Nothing exciting at Ricci. Since that didn’t take long, ran to Great Meadows where the swan was back (190 for the ‘commute’, new record!) plus a Killdeer (new for first half of December finally).

Saturday 12/10: Started at Castle Island, which may not have been the best choice in the overcast and windy conditions. No shorebirds, not too many ducks, but a Harbor Seal (in the bay) or 3. Up to Draw Seven next, got the towhee but that was about it. Station Landing had 2 Hairy Woodpeckers (patch bird!). Tried Rivergreen Park next, no luck with the Wilson’s Warbler but a kestrel posed nicely. Lower end of the Mystic Lakes was quiet, nothing at Spy Pond but an eagle flew over as I was heading home.

Sunday 12/11: Plan was to work my way down from Heard Pond. Pond was quiet, probably too raw at Heard Farm but a Fox Sparrow and blackbird flock was ok. Ton of ducks at the bridge so I stopped and dug out 4 shovelers there plus 3 Gadwall from the driveway. Phone was dinging away about the Barnacle Goose in Woburn and given the weather that made more sense, so buzzed up. Debated a drive-by but gave it a few minutes. Stopped at Horn Pond, 2 more shovelers among the stuff on the main pond. Same ducks still at Arlington Res, nothing at Hardy.

Monday 12/12: Didn’t feel like going out in the snow, so walked to Hardy Pond and Graverson. Kingfisher, few mergansers and Bufflehead, and that was about it.

Tuesday 12/13: Rusty, siskin, 4 bluebirds at BBN.