WIR 2/22-2/28

Wednesday 2/22: 2 Pintail, 2 Fish Crow, and the Palm Warbler at Great Meadows (new monthly Middlesex #7 for Feb).

Thursday 2/23: Yuck

Friday 2/24: Walk around the northern edge of Hardy Pond didn’t have anything unusual.

Saturday 2/25: Forest Grove had a GW Teal and not too much else, not much more by Moody St. Res had a couple scaup mixed in with the Ring-necks.

Sunday 2/26: Started at Squantum Point Park. Wasn’t too exciting, lots of robins and White-throats mostly, but Fox Sparrow, 2 Harriers, and a GW Teal were nice. Nut Island had a Razorbill and a few more ducks. Wollaston was pretty quiet beyond lots of geese. Decided to stop at the Mystic Lakes next, 365+ Common Mergansers were about it. Just enough time to check Spy Pond, which had a few Ring-necks, a coot, and several scaup (3 Lesser, 1 Greater at least), plus a feeding eagle.

Monday 2/27: Few ducks east of Watertown Square, kingfisher and more of the same at the square.

Tuesday 2/28: Too snowy.