WIR 3/1-3/7

Wednesday 3/1: Nothing much of note at BBN.

Thursday 3/2: Too rainy, but did get RB Mergansers at the Mystic Lakes (no cormorant though). Also 5 scaup sp at Spy Pond, not much at the res or Hardy.

Friday 3/3: Wood Ducks, Wigeon, Ring-necks at Great Meadows.

Saturday 3/4: Too snowy

Sunday 3/5: Started at Water Row (after a Fish Crow filling the car). Field Sparrow by the FWS buildings was nice, fairly quiet the rest of the way down. Heading back, at least 2 eagles and a pair of Pileated. Checked the Wayland side and had 4 GW Teal and 2 Ring-necks, then headed out to Wachusetts. First bird in the scope was the Canvasback, not too much else and it was cold and windy. Stopped at School St (nothing) and Nine Acre (geese and a few common ducks) then hard a Turkey Vulture getting off the highway.

Monday 3/6: Forest Grove had lots of mergansers, a few Wood Ducks, and that was about it. Eagle over Norumbega on the way out.

Tuesday 3/7: Cold and windy at College Pond.