WIR 3/8-3/21

Wednesday 3/8: Wood Duck and not much else at BBN.

Thursday 3/9: Palm Warbler but no Barnacle or Tree Swallows at Great Meadows.

Friday 3/10: Yellow-rump about it at Dunback.

Saturday 3/11: Nothing too exciting at Pod Meadow, Barnacle Goose at School St, nothing at the res or Nine Acre.

Sunday 3/12: no birds

Monday 3/13: Noro

Tuesday 3/14: no time

Wednesday 3/15: no time

Thursday 3/16: Usual along the Charles in Watertown.

Friday 3/17: Bunch of Ring-necks, couple Bufflehead, swan, and a Fox Sparrow at BBN. Vultures over the boardwalk later.

Saturday 3/18: More or less the usual at Meriam’s and Kaveski. Nice harrier at Hanscom driving home.

Sunday 3/19: Cold and windy, figured Sudbury GM would be a bit protected and it was. Ton of Tree Swallows, 2-3 Phoebes (believe that is 100 for the county this year), etc. Nine Acre had a bunch of ducks including a Gadwall and several pintail.

Monday 3/20: no time

Tuesday 3/21: Usual at College Pond and Hardy.