WIR 3/29-4/4

Wednesday 3/29: Ducks still on the water at BBN. Also 2 Fox Sparrows, a couple phoebes, a pair of bluebirds at a hole, etc.

Thursday 3/30: Errands today, Kaveski tomorrow, oops (maybe). Other than 120 geese at Cookson, very little around Watertown.

Friday 3/31: Kestrels and a Fox Sparrow but no crane at Kaveski and Meriam’s.

Saturday 4/1: Midafternoon check of the res had FOY Double-crested Cormorant but that was about it, same ducks at Hardy.

Sunday 4/2: Bluebird and not much else at the res in a quick scan. Nothing at Heard, shovelers still at the swamp. North end of Water Row had an Osprey and around 10 Purple Finches. Overlook was pretty quiet, a few raptors, lots of Tree Swallows, a handful of waterfowl. Another vulture at Nine Acre.

Monday 4/3: 2 PB Grebe and a Rusty at Great Meadows.

Tuesday 4/4: Meriam’s again. Lucked out this time and the crane was out in the open immediately (‘commute’ #246!). Also 3 Savannah Sparrows, a Cooper’s Hawk (somehow the first I’ve seen in the SRV this year), lots of the usual. Fish Crow calling over the house late morning was nice too.