WIR 4/26-5/2

Wednesday 4/26: Towhee was somehow at patch bird at Forest Grove. Also a ton of Yellow-rumps and swallows, an Osprey, 2 turkeys, etc.

Thursday 4/27: Lots of Yellow-rumps, a Palm or two, 3 Savannahs at Cookson. Two night-herons, a Parula, and a Warbling Vireo at the square.

Friday 4/28: Catbirds were in at Estabrook, fairly quiet otherwise. House Wren, maybe an Ovenbird, raven, etc.

Saturday 4/29: Some county chasing. Started at Stony Brook in Boston where the Louisiana Waterthrush was singing (but too far away to see). Looped over to Turtle Pond and around, Peregrine was apparently new for the site and a turkey were about it. Next stop was the high school marsh at Millennium. No luck digging out a snipe but an egret and FOY kingbird were nice. Cow Island Pond had FOY Chimney Swifts go through but nothing among the swallows. Next stop was Needham Reservoir where the funny gap of Solitary Sandpiper is no longer a gap. No other targets nearby, so I decided to do Hobbs Brook and Shade St. A fox was nice on Shade St but it was quiet otherwise. I figured out more of the trails at Hobbs Brook and had a kestrel and Purple Finch plus bluebird was a new bird for me there.

Sunday 4/30: Hoped for some storm-blown stuff. Started well with a Red-necked Grebe on the res. Great Meadows next, got pretty soaked and only had FOY Yellow Warblers plus a harrier. Quick check of the Mystic Lakes and Spy Pond had nothing. Rain was less, so tried Draw Seven which was quiet. Gave Fresh Pond a quick check, only a few gulls on the water but there was a small group looking at one of the Great Horneds right where I walked in. Hardy still had a Ruddy.

Monday 5/1: Basically a repeat of the first couple stops yesterday. Grebe was still on the res without much else. Greater Yellowlegs, 4+ Virginia Rail, a posing Pileated, etc at Great Meadows but no lingering Tree Sparrow or any other storm birds.

Tuesday 5/2: Thought thereā€™d be some movement overnight so fought traffic to Mt. Auburn. And found very little, handful of Yellow-rumps and Palms, FOY Black-and-white, couple BH Vireos, a gnatcatcher, and that was it.