WIR 4/19-4/25

Wednesday 4/19: Rough-wing, couple Hermit Thrushes, more of the same in a quick run around BBN. Barn Swallows and nothing else at the res.

Thursday 4/20: Estabrook had singing Winter Wren, flyover Rusty Blackbird, Common Loon, and a probable siskin but no waterthrush.

Friday 4/21: Savannah Sparrow was actually a new bird for me at Mt. Auburn (about time). Also kinglets everywhere, a few Yellow-rumps and a Palm, and an Osprey were about it.

Saturday 4/22: Eventually decided on a Sudbury/Wayland loop. Started at Nobscot where the was a singing House Wren and a couple Blue-headed Vireos but no waterthrush or new warblers. Raymond Reservation next, Osprey, gnatcatcher, ton of Tree Swallows. Decided to walk Heard Pond, started with a Barred Owl calling then lots of swallows and 2 eagles from the point. The woods had a couple Rusties and lots of Yellow-rumps and Palms along the road. First goslings of the year at the town building. Water Row had more of the same plus a few more ducks. Osprey at Flint’s.

Sunday 4/23: Rain held off enough to lead the Mt. Auburn trip. Pretty quiet beyond the kinglets, displaying Cooper’s and a BH Vireo or two about it. Since it still wasn’t raining much, I went to Rivergreen Park to look for the night-herons that had been around. Made it 20 yards and it was raining as hard as I’ve seen in some time. Ran the rest of the trail (1 Black-crowned) and got totally soaked. It seemed to lighten a bit as I drove off, so pulled in at Draw Seven, but it picked up again. Did stop enough to take a quick walk at BBN though, GW Teal and Ring-necks still on the parkway marsh. Afternoon loop of the res timed it as the rain picked up yet again so I didn’t work the swallows but did have two loons.

Monday 4/24: Brief bittern, FOY Marsh Wren, kestrel, Rusty at Great Meadows and a raven flying  over Hanscom.

Tuesday 4/25: RB Grosbeak was a nice start at BBN, pretty much just the same birds that have been around after, although an Osprey was good too.