WIR 4/12-4/18

Wednesday 4/12: Most of BBN was fairly quiet, but the ducks were still all on the parkway marsh and there were a pile of warblers, a Field Sparrow, and a Rusty all along the adjacent trail.

Thursday 4/13: Not much at Cookson or near the square.

Friday 4/14: Lots of Palms and Yellow-rumps at Arlington Res plus lots of Bufflehead and Ruddy.

Saturday 4/15: Quick check of the res had an opossum but no birds. Busy yard in Otis including a Barred Owl. Afternoon walk down to Upper Spectacle had just about zero birds. Multiple owls and a fox calling at night.

Sunday 4/16: Was hoping for a bunch of ducks and to get my Berkshire list to 100, but after the long drive out to Pontoosuc and Onota had a few geese combined. Worked back to the Stockbridge Bowl where there was a loon but not much else (fortunately I still needed a few of the common things). Jackson Pond had a bit more including Wood Duck and Virginia Rail. Pulled in at Shaw Pond on the way back and had a Savannah Sparrow, which got me to 92.

Monday 4/17: Did a bit of a western loop. Started at the res where there were 4 Long-tailed Ducks. Flint’s had a loon but nothing else. Nagog had nothing. Walked the conservation land at the south end a bit and added a few Littleton birds (nothing of note though). Have Not Pond had a Pileated, Steele Farm had a Barred Ow and both kinglets. That got me to 48 in Boxborough, so looked around and found Wolf Swamp. Creepers were singing quickly but had to walk all the way to the end before I heard a Rusty.

Tuesday 4/18: At least 8 snipe and a bunch of Savannahs at Waltham St, nothing much at Dunback.