WIR 6/7-6/13

Wednesday 6/7: Pretty quiet at Hanscom other than a near pure White Admiral.

Thursday 6/8: Woodcock at the West Meadow, not much at Falzone.

Friday 6/9: 4 BC Night-Herons at Cookson, nothing of note at the square.

Saturday 6/10: Ode walk in Carlisle, so started in Chelmsford. Got 30ish new species, which puts that past 50. Alder Flycatcher and kestrel the most interesting. Walk itself wasn’t too exciting, weather not great but we did have an Eastern Red Damsel eventually.

Sunday 6/11: Minuteman survey was a breeze, actually found the points without much effort. Bit quiet, maybe from the rain yesterday. Then zipped down to Lakeville and eventually got moderate views of a couple Midland Clubtails. Not a ton else, although I did get 6 Plymouth county birds and had a good chat with Blair. The early start was catching up with me, so headed home but decided to check Healthpoint quickly. Tons of bluets, a Cyrano Darner, and a few Amber-winged Spreadwings.

Monday 6/12: Figured it was unlikely so not surprised with no Least Terns at Great Meadows. No luck with Least Bittern either but did hear a couple rails and most of the regular stuff.

Tuesday 6/13: Rock Meadow survey was quiet. Stopped at BBN for a few and had an Ovenbird and Green Heron with a frog.