WIR 6/14-6/20

Wednedsay 6/14: Stopped at Farm Meadow to pick up Bobolink for the ‘commute’, usual otherwise. Had enough time to check the river at Nine Acre, also finally adding Spotted Sandpiper but only a single Barn and Tree Swallow.

Thursday 6/15: Habitat survey was very quiet (like Minuteman on Sunday, trees were very noisily dripping). Hardy Pond and the res didn’t have much after.

Friday 6/16: Family of Peregrines and GC Flycatcher (finally) at Fresh Pond.

Saturday 6/17: Started at Great Meadows in slightly better than expected weather. Other than the grebe still singing, it was pretty quiet and eventually started pouring, fortunately while I was in the woods. Slowed down enough back at the parking lot that David and I decided to try Brewster’s Woods, but it picked up again and was too loud to hear across the river. Two loons at Flint’s, nothing at the res on the way home.

Sunday 6/18: Squantum run. Clapper Rail was calling a lot but remained my only heard only in state. Also 4 Glossy Ibis, a Willet landing on the power lines and poles, and the Piping Plovers were scopeable from the hummock. Nickerson Rock Park had a Red-shoulder and a couple redstarts. Thought about a couple other stops but ended up at Draw Seven to pick up Common Tern for June 2023 in Middlesex. Also added Fish Crow for Somerville.

Monday 6/19: Hartwell area, no Acadian but walked up to Scott right after he found the sapsucker nest. Which was around the corner from where a Short-tailed Weasel had popped up, unfortunately and surprisingly I couldn’t spish it back out. Usual stuff otherwise.

Tuesday 6/20: Most of the expected but nothing beyond that through the woods at BBN.