WIR 6/21-6/27

Wednesday 6/21: Looped the hill and powerlines at Hobbs Brook. Field Sparrow, creeper, towhee, Prairie, etc. Had enough time to walk Shade St too and had another creeper and a redstart.

Thursday 6/22: Night-Herons at Cookson and the square but little else.

Friday 6/23: Speculatively tried the trail across from Tanner’s Brook to the ranger station at Minuteman in case there were more sapsuckers around. Not much beyond a bluebird, so had time for the trails around Flint’s, which were about the same.

Saturday 6/24: Technically ran a BBC trip, although with no one joining. Started at Fitchburg Res, which was fogged in but one loon was calling as was a Yellow-rump and a few other things. Sun was almost out at Blood Hill. Not too much on the trail up beyond a couple sapsuckers. Sat at the top a bit and had 3 crossbills fly over. Looped a bit and tried to cut back to the trail, failed miserably and ended up bushwhacking through the mountain laurel for a good mile downhill before finding the trail almost at the parking lot. Raining too much for anything else.

Sunday 6/25: On foot day, Falzone to West Meadow then down Concord Ave to the duck ponds (dipping into Rock Meadow mostly to avoid traffic). Back through Rock Meadow, BBN, and out at Brookhaven. Birding was pretty quiet, only 49 species. Four were new for the nonmotorized year list, so I made the June target. Did have a few FOY odes (all common), a handful of butterflies, and a Long-tailed Weasel that didn’t cooperate for photos.

Monday 6/26: In office day, so got out to Heard Farm. Unfortunately it was pretty quiet, lots of Bobolinks, 3 Osprey, a hummingbird, and that was about it. Nothing much at the pond or swamp either.

Tuesday 6/27: Somehow didn’t rain at Arlington Great Meadows. Very distant calling YB Cuckoo was nice, not too much otherwise. Holopogon was good as always.