WIR 6/28-7/4

Wednesday 6/28: Between rain and some work stuff only walked Hardy Pond and Graverson, nothing of note.

Thursday 6/29: Quick run around Dunback had FOY meadowhawk, Atomosia puella, and nothing much in birds.

Friday 6/30: Usual at Weston Station Pond.

Saturday 7/1: Millennium was too foggy to see the poles where the martin had been hanging out, then probably too sunny by the time I looped around. A few Savannahs, not too much else. Went to the Blue Hills to look for pygmy clubtails next, although I suspect too late. It had clouded up again a bit, so walked a ways waiting for it to clear without finding too much. Got back and walked the stream but just a couple whitetails and jewelwings. Went back up and looped Hillside Pond, Carolina Saddlebags and an emerald the most interesting. Pulled in at Norumbega on the way home, nothing there. Traffic looked bad on 128, so went down to Main St and Bear Hill Rd. Res started the usual midsummer cormorants and geese but halfway around something ternlike flew by. I jumped out of the car fast and found 3 Commons! Watched those for half an hour or so, then took a quick loop to Flint’s (nothing) and Hardy (Herring Gull) just in case there were more around.

Sunday 7/2: Weather didn’t look good for Alan’s ode walk. Started with a check of the res, no terns but a loon was nice. Heard Pond was next and had nothing on it and nothing of note at the swamp. Wasn’t raining (much), so gave Water Row a walk. Osprey with young at the nest and a Brown Thrasher by the hunter lot was a nice surprise. Quick check of Flint’s on the way home didn’t have anything.

Monday 7/3: Nothing that I could see in the fog at the res. Couple gulls, PB Grebe calling about it at Great Meadows.

Tuesday 7/4: Couple Osprey at the res. Nothing obvious at Spy Pond or the Mystic Lakes so decided to look for storm-petrels at Winthrop Beach. Succeeded there, then decided I should get them for Deer Island too. Parade either about to start or just finished, so I decided that wasn’t the best idea. Lewis Lake had a few swallows, a Black Duck family, and a few Least Terns. Belle Isle had ibis and lots of shorebirds including a few dowitchers, yellowlegs, and Least Sandpipers.