WIR 7/26-8/1

Wednesday 7/26: No Dusky Dancers or much else at the Mystic Lakes.

Thursday 7/27: Too much road construction near Dunback so ended up at Hartwell. No sapsucker, raven and FOY Shadow Darner were about it.

Friday 7/28: College Pond had most of the usual, no Ovenbird, towhee, RB Nuthatch though.

Saturday 7/29: Went to Spot Pond to look for Dusky Dancers. No luck but a decent variety of birds, most new for Stoneham, plus a few other odes. Was probably too hot but stopped at Draw Seven after, just the usual gulls and terns.

Sunday 7/30: The DRLT property in Dunstable still had martins, plus Bank Swallow, a few sandpipers flying around, and a few other things. Nissitissit Meadows and WMA didn’t have too much (another Bank Swallow and a handful of odes). More of the same at Keyes-Parker. Egret was still at School St but no sandpipers were obvious.

Monday 7/31: Couldn’t find any last minute July commute birds at Fresh Pond. Spinylegs and a few Zabulon Skippers were nice though.

Tuesday 8/1: Didn’t really get out other than a birdless pause at Flint’s.