WIR 10/11-10/17

Wednesday 10/11: Went to Arlington Res hoping the Stilt Sandpiper had stayed, so was quite surprised by a second. Also lots of teal, 2+ Pecs, plenty of yellowlegs, 5 Ruddy, 5 Hoodies, etc.

Thursday 10/12: Stopped at Chandler Pond while running errands. No luck with the bittern. PB Grebe, wigeon, hoodie weren’t too bad.

Friday 10/13: Rock Meadow had a ton of Yellow-rumps, a Clay-colored (none in 9 years before work then 2 in a week), an Orange-crowned, and a few other things. Two Gadwall at the res at lunch time.

Saturday 10/14: Nothing at the res. Menotomy 20th anniversary party at Sandy Beach had a parula, sapsucker, and a few other things in the few minutes I spent at the pond. Yellowthroat was somehow my first warbler at Draw Seven, RC Kinglet was overdue at Earhart but not much else there.

Sunday 10/15: Started around Belle Isle. Greenway trail and cemetery had a Purple Finch (which appears to be the first in Suffolk county this fall), a bunch of sparrows, and a flyover flock of pipits. Three ravens and a Red-shoulder on the way out were nice too. The Key had Tree Swallows, no luck on a Nelson’s. Belle Isle itself had a plover, probably a golden and an Orange-crowned plus a White-crowned Sparrow that looked good for Gambel’s. Big gull flock at the north end of Revere Beach but couldn’t pull a Forster’s Tern from it. Last stop was Chestnut Hill Res, where the ‘Tufted’ Duck was out in the middle. Too far for photos or to get some detail but enough to see it wasn’t a pure bird. Final ID is proving interesting.

Monday 10/16: Black ducks were it at the res. Arlington Res had most of the shorebirds (no Stilts) and ducks. Cooper’s at the farm kept things down.

Tuesday 10/17: Sharpie, bunch of Palms, etc at Hanscom.