WIR 10/4-10/10

Wednesday 10/4: Forgot my key again so got a late start at Weston Station Pond. Fortunately, parking at the other end meant I could cover the busier areas. Lots of ducks on the pond including a shoveler and bunch of Ring-necks but no BW Teal. Solar field was busy, but mostly House Finches.

Thursday 10/5: Too foggy at Arlington Res, Lincoln’s the most interesting. Decided to check the res quickly on the way home, flock of Ring-necks and a second flock of Ruddy.

Friday 10/6: Skipped the Prothonotary for Cliff’s Clay-colored at Danehy, which proved to be a good move. Took some effort but got it right before I had to go, which means 250 birds on the way to/from work in almost exactly 9 years! Sapsucker, BH Vireo about it otherwise.

Saturday 10/7: Started at the Old 27 bridge, which was overgrown and without any good viewing down the river, so moved on to Water Row quickly. Sapsucker and a bunch of common stuff to start, then quiet as it rained. Rain stopped by the time I reached the north end, but nothing exciting there. Wayland Community Gardens next, lots of Song, Swamp, and Savannah but not much else. Walking back via Cow Common had almost nothing. Nothing at Heard, a leucistic Wood Duck was it at the swamp. Gave the Prothonotary at Sandy Beach an hour but no sign of it or the Connecticut. Bunch of Blackpolls and RC Kinglets about it. Waltham St. was very quiet.

Sunday 10/8: Went down to Orleans with Alan and Diana for the state first Virginia’s Warbler. Got good views right as we arrived before it disappeared for a bit. Fortunately for those just behind us, it came back out (right next to the Blue Grosbeak that we also had been searching for). Also Nashville, Indigo, and a flyover Dickcissel for Barnstable county birds. Once we left there, we gave Fort Hill a loop, but it was windy and midday so not too much.

Monday 10/9: Tried Westborough and Wachusett Res. Wigeon, eagle, Field Sparrow were all new for me at Westborough but nothing terribly exciting. Wind was bad at Wachusett and other than a pipit and a few meadowlarks there wasn’t much. No luck with longspur or Dickcissel.

Tuesday 10/10: Flyover siskin, pipit, ton of Savannah and Swamp at Kaveski.