WIR 12/6-12/12

Wednesday 12/6: Nothing exciting at BBN.

Thursday 12/7: Even less at Hanscom.

Friday 12/8: Usual at Forest Grove.

Saturday 12/9: Started with a Suffolk run. Got 10 new December Suffolk birds at Millennium but no Wilson’s. Yellowthroat, flyover Horned Larks, 2-3 Marsh Wrens the highlights. Red-shoulder was at Cow Island Pond. Nothing interesting (no Pileated) at Allendale Woods. Was planning on Nahanton after but saw the eider report from Earhart and rushed that way. No luck, Wood Duck from Station Landing the most interesting.

Sunday 12/10: Another eider attempt. Went to the Everett side today. Yellowthroat by the casino but not much else, few ducks today. Decided to make a quick coastal run from there. Started at Revere Beach, which had a ton of scoters and Herring Gulls. Fisherman’s Bend had 3 Dunlin. Quick check from one of the parking lots at Crystal Cove had the yellowlegs, which was what I actually came over for (December bird). Stopped at Rivergreen Park on the way home and dug up the towhee but not much else. And gave Draw Seven a quick check, which was quiet.

Monday 12/11: Too wet, bunch of mergs and Ring-necks at the res.

Tuesday 12/12: Ruby-crowned Kinglet crossing between Cookson and Gore.