WIR 12/13-12/19

Wednesday 12/13: Red-shoulder at the West Meadow, nothing much at Falzone.

Thursday 12/14: Grackles and a couple other blackbirds were about it at Dunback.

Friday 12/15: Walked to Hardy, about the same as it’s been. Flock of Red-wings at Graverson and the scaup the most interesting.

Saturday 12/16: Planned something of a CBC scouting trip along the Charles. Started at Watertown Square. RC Kinglet by the pool then my phone dinged with a message about Bell’s Vireo in Weymouth. Decided to finish the loop instead of turning straight around, adding a catbird and 2 cowbirds but that was about it. Zipped down to Webb SP and found that the bird had gone missing 5-10 minutes earlier. An hour and a half later, Chris Floyd found it up above where we had been staking out. Fortunately, I got a few brief views but no photos. Also had county Snow Bunting go over and a sulphur flying around. Thanks Josh, Chris, Val, Sally, etc! Quick check of Wollaston Beach, Norumbega, and the res had the usual ducks.

Sunday 12/17: CBC. Barred Owl, siskins, a Purple Finch, and a few blackbirds at Dunback. Robins, robins, robins, and a Pileated at Falzone. Lot of ducks at Hardy (all the same that have been there). Sapsucker at Gore for a six woodpecker day, a few kinglets along the Charles but it was pretty dreary by then. Way over our previous species total, just would have liked that one weird bird.

Monday 12/18: nice out

Tuesday 12/19: Nothing different at BBN.