WIR 12/20-12/26

Wednesday 12/20: Nothing much at Habitat, same ducks at the res.

Thursday 12/21: Chased stuff at Nine Acre, got the Greater Yellowlegs and shovelers but no pintail or Cackling. Few pipits still around too. Nothing obvious at Flint’s.

Friday 12/22: Bit of a pond loop. Mystic Lakes were quiet other than a big flock of Red-wings at Sandy Beach. Nothing much at Spy, the res, or Hardy.

Saturday 12/23: Last walking big day of the year. Only 34 species and Winter Wren was the only addition (although what had to be an Orange-crowned would have been had it been closer than 50 yards across the marsh). So 107 total for the year barring any last minute additions (plus BB Cuckoo and Fish Crow only from the yard).

Sunday 12/24: Plan was to check Heard quickly, then do Water Row, then work through the river in Concord looking for whatever curve-billed thing Jay saw a few days ago. Pelham Island Rd was blocked off, did get a couple Gadwall at the marsh. Got to the 27 bridge before realizing Water Row was also likely to be closed and it was. Skipped down to Nine Acre and found Concord Rd was closed. Had a few geese and ducks but nothing noteworthy. Did a quick check of French Meadow and then went down 62 and out to School St. Good flock of Horned Larks was about it there. Barrett’s Mill next, huge flock of blackbirds including one with a mostly white tail plus 4 Field Sparrows, a few siskins, and other stuff. Gave Great Meadows a check. Trails were flooded out, so down the rail bed. Got the coot I was looking for from the benches then walked to the WTP where there was a darker Red-tail. Tower was empty when I got back to the parking lot, so I was able to count another 250 Red-wings and a few more coots. Nothing new at the res on the way home.

Monday 12/25: Did a bit of scouting at Ricci. Ton of Mourning Doves, a bunch of Savannahs, and 2 Field Sparrows. Did a quick loop at Hobbs Brook on the way home, 4+ more Field Sparrows and a Winter Wren.

Tuesday 12/26: Waited out the fog then went on an Assabet/Desert run. Hop Brook was fairly quiet (and still foggy). Didn’t realize that Eversource had the railbed blocked off, so did a short loop. Drove over to the main Desert entrance with a quick check at Grist Mill (nothing worth noting). More than a few crossbills around, 2 types that I recorded. Also siskins, 3 Winter Wrens, and a lot of the common winter stuff. Couple quick stops on the way home didn’t have anything.