WIR 12/27-1/2

Wednesday 12/27: Loon, RC Kinglet, raccoon, 9 Lesser Scaup at Fresh Pond. Two more loons at Draw Seven, no interesting ducks though. No Great Cormorant in a very quick pass of the Mystic Lakes.

Thursday 12/28: Yuck. Nothing east of the square and everything at the res was too far out.

Friday 12/29: Same ducks and not much for land birds at Arlington Res.

Saturday 12/30: Did a Squantum/Castle Island loop. Squantum Point Park was fairly quiet, Yellowthroat a highlight. Thought I heard a chip across the parking lot as I was getting ready to leave so walked over and found an Orange-crowned which was joined by a Palm. Nickerson Rock was pretty dead. Walked a bit at Wollaston Beach and Caddy Memorial Park, Savannah Sparrow the most interesting. Weather got lousy, but stopped at Castle Island anyway. Got 9 Razorbill and the Barrow’s, plus the peep tbd.

Sunday 12/31: Concord CBC. On the quiet side, felt like less than earlier in the week although most things were still around. One Field and 5 Savannah at Ricci. Nothing beyond waxwings at Hartwell (didn’t check Hanscom Dr). Thought I had a Yellow-rump walking up to Tanner’s Brook, then photographed a junco instead and couldn’t find it, but it started calling when I entered the trail. Not much around, got a tick on me bushwhacking into the marsh. Bunch of waxwings joined the Yellow-rump on the way out. Zero birds on the walk through the woods back to Hartwell.

Monday 1/1: Decided to do Deer Island, Winthrop Beach, and whatever else I had time for. Quick check of the res didn’t have anything new. Deer Island had most of the usual ducks (couldn’t find any Black Scoter), a Razorbill, and an Iceland Gull. Also a warbler sp and cormorant sp. Didn’t find the Western Grebe at Winthrop Beach, lots of Horned and Red-necked. Greenway/cemetery loop was pretty quiet. Belle Isle was quieter. Made the mistake of trying to jump the puddle near the little observation deck. Cleared the puddle but slid through the mud next to it and splashed right in, which was a sign to not bother elsewhere, although I did check Norumbega and Hardy (now 2 Lesser Scaup and an eagle). The eagle was flying down Trapelo as I got home, just barely visible from the yard.

Tuesday 1/2: Found the White-crown at Kaveski. Pileated about it otherwise. Usual ducks at Flint’s in a couple minute scan from the car.