WIR 1/3-1/9

Wednesday 1/3: No luck with the Orange-crowned at Falzone. Usual pile of robins, a couple Winter Wrens, not too much else. One scaup still at Hardy.

Thursday 1/4: Found the Spizella flock at Harrington as they crossed into a yard, so didn’t get a full count or the Clay-colored. Also raven, perched siskins, maybe a couple crossbills. Pintail still at Nine Acre but not much else.

Friday 1/5: Barely got the Clay-colored at Weston Station Pond. Also Field Sparrow and Lesser Scaup but what had to have been the House Wren got away.

Saturday 1/6: Started at Longfellow Pond where the shoveler was right near the parking lot (220 for Norfolk). Looped down to the aqueduct and along the side road and got the very overdue Yellow-bellied Sapsucker as well. Seven new January Norfolk birds total, moving the list along although 100 is still a ways away. Continued to Millennium to work on Suffolk too. Saw Marshall had refound the Wilson’s, so started on that. Found a bird bouncing around the base of some phrags that turned out to be a kinglet but then caught a flash of yellow next to it. The warbler proved to be very uncooperative, calling regularly but never landing or sitting in the open. Eventually moved on and looped around. Nothing particularly exciting from there. On return, the warbler was still bouncing around a bit never posing. Check of the res on the way home had lots of Ring-necks and Hoodies but nothing else.

Sunday 1/7: Yuck

Monday 1/8: Walked over to Hardy. Scaup, Ruddy still present along with the rest of the usual ducks. Crossbill flew over as I was walking back, new nonmotorized and one mile bird but unfortunately not quite on the yard list.

Tuesday 1/9: River walk had a Hermit Thrush, Yellow-rump, and RC Kinglet. Ran out of time to go past Moody though.