WIR 1/10-1/16

Wednesday 1/10: Very wet Mystic Lakes had both cormorants and a few mergansers. Spy Pond had a RB Merganser.

Thursday 1/11: Big flock of grackles over Dunback, fairly quiet otherwise beyond a sleeping raccoon.

Friday 1/12: Got a few minutes in the Fenway gardens. Lots of White-throats, 6 waxwings, not too much else.

Saturday 1/13: Waited out most of the rain, then went to School St. Good number of geese, pintails, and gulls plus the abieticola Red-tail but no larks or anything. Nothing much at Nine Acre. Flint’s was fogged in. Res wasn’t, just the Ring-necks around though.

Sunday 1/14: Earhart area. Torbert McDonald had one of the Gadwall, a few coot, some Ruddy, and not much on land (it was windy). Draw Seven was quiet, not many ducks on the water. Earhart itself was about the same. Rivergreen Park had one mixed flock but nothing exciting among them (assuming the olive thing that flew by was a kinglet). Quick stop at the Mystic Lakes on the way home got the pintail.

Monday 1/15: Decided that with no wind and unsettled weather off and on, if I wanted to see the goose hybrid, I better go today. Started at Ft. Phoenix where I did not see the bird in with the Brant, so I walked to the other end. A “storm” wigeon was interesting and lots of waterbirds around. Walked back to the east end and there was a whitish thing in with the Brant. Not the point blank looks others have gotten on occasion, but a nice Snow Goose x Brant.

Egypt Lane next. Other than Song Sparrows, the thickets along the bike path were quiet, but 2 Black Vultures were nice and a raven was a county bird. Nothing much at the ponds. Checked the bike path further up and didn’t have much of anything. Checked needs alerts to figure out which pond next and saw some reports of a Cackling Goose (at least) in New Bedford. No details so a bit skeptical, but it was almost on the way. Pulled in at Buttonwood Park and there were hundreds of geese on the water and ice. Started working through, found a few of those smaller things that get your attention but then don’t look right with a more detailed study, which is what I expected. Moved towards the other end of the flock, almost as much to scan the ducks. Walked back up towards the water and one bird stuck out naked eye. Sure enough, a better looking Cackling. Spent a few minutes with it, getting some nice comparisons. Also had another Black Vulture, so they must be pretty settled in here.

Thought about the MacGillivray’s on the way home but the back parking area was full and I didn’t want to start circling around to sneak in the next lot, so settled for the res, which had the usual ducks.

Tuesday 1/16: Just walked Graverson to Hardy, Tree Sparrows and the same otherwise.