WIR 1/17-1/23

Wednesday 1/17: Midday check of the res didn’t have much.

Thursday 1/18: Nothing at Watertown Square.

Friday 1/19: Flint’s frozen, nothing at Nine Acre or School St. Lots of ducks at the res, although nothing different. Hardy frozen too.

Saturday 1/20: PB Grebe, GW Teal, normal stuff at Horn Pond. Silver Lake was frozen and just about gull-less, went up to the parking lots in Tewksbury too as they were only 10 minutes away and had nothing more. Res on the way home had a loon.

Sunday 1/21: Decided to wait for some sun before trying for the Townsend’s, so started at Fresh Pond. Winter Wren, cormorant, scaup flock, not too much else. Over for the warbler next, after not seeing much for close to an hour, Bob played a quick bit of scold and we had it within seconds. Quick drive through Mt. Auburn got an Orange-crown.

Monday 1/22: Nothing exciting at BBN (other than one call overheard that was either a starling or really good).

Tuesday 1/23: Went back for the warbler (‘commute’ #252!), then, since it flew off quickly, went to Blair Pond, which had the usual suspects.