WIR 1/24-1/30

Wednesday 1/24: Physical and other stuff kept me busy (plus lousy weather) but a quick circuit of the res didn’t have anything obviously different.

Thursday 1/25: Finally caught up with the towhee at Dunback. Not too much else besides turkeys.

Friday 1/26: Swans, a Common Merganser, and not much else at Nine Acre, more of the same at the res (again, no scoping).

Saturday 1/27: Started at Heard. Pileated, raven making crazy noises, RC Kinglet, bunch of Ring-necks, not too much else. Swamp didn’t have anything of note. Assabet had a bunch of crossbills, a few siskins, a Sharpie, another Pileated, 2 Chipping Sparrows, etc. Checked a few spots for the crane reported yesterday and earlier, pipit at Warner’s Pond was all I turned up. Nine Acre had 4 Great Blues but not much else.

Sunday 1/28: Winthrop Beach first, the Western Grebe was the third bird I looked at. Also 26 Snow Buntings and the usual water stuff. Continued to Revere Beach, where there wasn’t much. Thought about continuing to Lynn Beach, but it had started raining, so started towards home instead. Quick check of Draw Seven had mostly robins, no RT Loon. Mystic Lakes had an eagle right along the parkway but nothing else obvious.

Monday 1/29: Less snow than expected, so got out to the river walk. Nothing particularly of note, a few ducks were in including both mergansers and 3 Bufflehead.

Tuesday 1/30: 3 ravens the most noteworthy at Forest Grove/Flowed Meadow, a handful of ducks at Norumbega.