WIR 3/27-4/2

Wednesday 3/27: No loon by the watch factory. Usual stuff at Forest Grove/Flowed Meadow.

Thursday 3/28: Nothing at Nine Acre or Flint’s. Two RT Loons at the res, less of the same at Hardy.

Friday 3/29: Nine Acre about the same although I found the teal today. Tried French Meadow, which was flooded and birdless, then Elm Brook, which had nothing of note. Hardy had 3 young eagles and more or less the same ducks.

Saturday 3/30: Started at Hammond Pond, where I actually walked around a bit. PB Grebe, a few ducks, not much else in the wind. Chestnut Hill Res next as most of my March Suffolk needs were inland ducks. Got scaup, Ring-neck, Common Merg, coot immediately plus Pine Warbler, kingfisher, and a RB Merganser. RC Kinglet on the way out too. Quick drive around Crystal Lake (mergs and Ruddy), then did a Charles loop. Almost no birds except at Mt. Feake, where I finally found the RT Loon, patch #181! Cambridge Res next, Common Loon and a Ruddy. Decided it was too windy to walk and there wasn’t anywhere I felt like doing in the car, so gave up early.

Sunday 3/31: Started at Bolton Flats (kestrel in Acton, eagle in Boxborough on the way). Got the shovelers immediately along with 3 Lesser Scaup and 3 BW Teal. Not a ton else, wigeon, eagle, and RC Kinglet the most interesting. Quick stop at School St (nothing) then to Great Meadows. Water was up, tried wading out, and my knees got wet, so turned around and walked the rail bed a bit. Two eagles, a few Common Mergansers about all I found. Went to Water Row next, FOY Osprey and a calling catbird were the highlights. Quick scan at Nine Acre had a pintail. Harrington Park had nothing, Waltham St. was drier than expected and not exciting.

Monday 4/1: Nothing of note at BBN or Hardy. No eagle at the pond for a change, but one was flying over the office at lunch time.

Tuesday 4/2: Flyover waxwings (where were those last month?) and a kingfisher at Cookson, nothing much at the square.