WIR 4/3-4/9

Wednesday 4/3: Wasn’t terribly nice at Weston Station Pond, where the herons were all cowering down on their nests. Did have 5 Rough-winged Swallows, a Field Sparrow, and a few other things. Nothing obvious on the res on a quick drive by.

Thursday 4/4: Yuck

Friday 4/5: Sapsucker among the usual at Arlington Res. Tree Swallows the only interest at Cambridge Res.

Saturday 4/6: Planned on some Norfolk month listing, but started at the res where there were two Red-throated Loons and a Red-necked Grebe. Figured I should stop at Nahanton on the way by and grab the White-crown for the month. Eventually succeeded, unfortunately after Glenn had moved on. Also sapsucker and Field Sparrow. Finally made it to Great Pond, where it was windy and not terribly nice. Water wasn’t overly busy either, 4 loons, a few Ruddies, Common Mergansers, and Bufflehead about it. Did get 7 month birds at least.

Sunday 4/7: Eagle in the fields at Nine Acre was a good start. Tried the Marlboro-Sudbury State Forest in Hudson and got the town list to 25 including Pileated, Red Crossbill, siskin, and a few other things. Estabrook next, more crossbills. Enough Bohemian reports around that I figured I better check Moody St, which had none. Looped the res and the office parks, with 2 RN Grebes being the highlight (plus a random pheasant in one of the driveways).

Monday 4/8: Robins, robins, and more robins at Meriam’s.

Tuesday 4/9: The early spring stuff finally arrived at BBN. Started with a kestrel, then some Palms, a Yellow-rump, and eventually a Chipping Sparrow. Also the usual ducks, a raven, and FOY Mourning Cloak.