WIR 4/10-4/16

Wednesday 4/10: Nothing much at Dunback.

Thursday 4/11: No waxwings at Mt. Auburn, mostly just robins, juncos, blackbirds, Chipping Sparrows, jays.

Friday 4/12: Too nasty in the morning. Osprey at Nine Acre midafternoon, nothing at the res.

Saturday 4/13: Finally had some obvious snipe at Nine Acre. Stood at the Water Row overlook for an hour and a half. Not a ton moving but 4 Ospreys, 2 eagles, a Sharpie, a few Yellow-rumps, FOY Barn Swallow, a harrier, and a couple Red Crossbills were decent. Started for Heard Pond but Pelham Island Rd was blocked(?), so pulled in at the town building (Savannah) to figure out what next. Scrolling a map around, Sudbury Reservoir popped up, so I headed up 126. Passing Cochituate, a flock of odd-looking birds flew over. I was able to pull into the Avalon complex and eventually chase them down to confirm 15 Glossy Ibis! Continued to Sudbury Res where I walked quite a bit and didn’t find much. Buzz of the res on the way home had a Pied-billed Grebe.

Sunday 4/14: Was thinking about a trip to Tewksbury anyway and the Bohemians made that an easy decision. Started at the Pinnacle Trail I explored a bit last January. Decent bit along there including a kestrel, beaver, and more. Waxwings were on show right along the road (unfortunately, also moderately into the sun). Took a swing to where some had been reported in Methuen after but the last report was about a week ago and no luck there. Couple RT Loons on the res on the way home.

Monday 4/15: Realized I still needed Louisiana Waterthrush for Essex county, so went up to Crooked Pond. Tried looping around and couldn’t find a way, but did get BH Vireo, a crossbill, a Red-shoulder (also a need somehow), and lots of creepers. Back at the start, I went around the beaver dam and promptly heard the bird sing. Gave Audubon Rd a quick check after, nothing terribly exciting, Fish Crow, Carolina Wren, and Swamp Sparrow all new for Wakefield. Saw that the Blue Grosbeak at Millennium had been seen earlier and decided to run down. Got there and found a string of messages about how it hadn’t been seen because of paving work in the parking lot. I parked at the far end and looped around figuring if it wasn’t there, it was nearby. Nothing too much on the way, adult eagle about it. Got to the actual parking lot and the grosbeak was sitting right there. Really nice fully blue one too. Went back along the top and watched for raptors for a bit. Not the hoped for but unlikely Broad-wing, but a Red-shoulder, couple Cooper’s, couple vultures, another eagle, and a flock of cormorants weren’t bad. Ran out midafternoon for Simon’s ibis.

Tuesday 4/16: More or less the same stuff at BBN, vulture, Pine Warbler (not near any pines) the most interesting. First Syrphid of the year too, presuming Eristalis dimidiata.