WIR 4/24-4/30

Wednesday 4/24: Bunch of yellowlegs and some Spotted Sandpipers at Nine Acre. Traffic was lousy, ended up at Heard where a kingbird was the main highlight.

Thursday 4/25: Estabrook had tons of kinglets and goldfinches plus a BH Vireo and Black-and-white.

Friday 4/26: House Wrens were the only addition at Hartwell. Towhee at Flint’s but nothing on the water.

Saturday 4/27: Plans for a Boston swing were ruined by the Swallow-tailed Kites hanging around Rehoboth yesterday. Probably should have birded elsewhere first given the times they’ve been seen, but was at the War Memorial before 9. Took a couple hours but eventually got one, then two, then one right over us, so well worth it. Also a few martins, a gnatcatcher, lots of other raptors, etc. Went to Caratunk after, FOY Six-spotted Tiger Beetle and a Mink plus Pine Warbler which I still needed in Bristol.

Sunday 4/28: Had a Bird Observer thing, so did some Norfolk birding on the way. Started at Lowell Woods where the Louisiana Waterthrush (county bird) was singing. Also a Wood Thrush, Winter Wren, big flock of goldfinches, etc. Charles River Peninsula next. Kestrel, Yellow Warbler, few other things. Saw the Summer Tanager report and Nahanton and had a bit of time, so ran over that way. Fortunately, it was showing as I walked up, which meant I had a few minutes with it and was still about the first person to arrive.

Monday 4/29: BBN had a couple orioles, a bunch of FOY warblers, Chimney Swifts, 2 Hoodies, etc.

Tuesday 4/30: Quick check of the res had nothing put down by the rain overnight. Great Meadows had most of the usual, Yellow Warbler, gnatcatcher, Warbling Vireo all FOY commute birds.