Starling Roost

A belated couple of photos from the Menotomy trip to the Alewife Reservation robin and starling roost.

I estimated 1200 in the tree, but was probably way off.

Starling Roost

Starling Roost

You’re on your own counting those.

The robins were coming in in small groups, so no impressive photos of them. And the Cooper’s Hawk(s) didn’t cooperate for a photo either. I do wish I got a shot of the hawk chasing the robin that decided the next branch over was a good perch (one on the other side of the tree only got glanced at and then ignored).

More cool bird photos:

With any luck on the CBC, I’ll have something better for next week.

3 thoughts on “Starling Roost”

  1. I see Starlings as being like Human Beings… They are quite the successful bird and can adapt very easily to many situations. There’s definitely a lot of both positive and negative things to say about a Starling, especially if they can be looked at as the human equivalent in the bird world. There is something to enjoy in everything. I enjoy the thumbs up or neutral side of the world. So the Starlings are wonderous site to see for me. Everything is what it is in life for a reason.

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