Always bring a Camera

I led a Menotomy trip to Beaver Brook North yesterday. It was rather windy and I decided that I didn’t feel like dragging the camera long. That turned out to be a big mistake.

As we walked through the woods, I could hear several Rose-breasted Grosbeaks singing, but they were very hidden in the treetops so I ignored them, figuring we’d have a better chance later. We sure did. Once the trail opened up, we stopped to look at a Black-throated Green Warbler. While everyone got on that, 4 Baltimore Orioles came in and landed at eye level. A minute later, they were joined by 3 grosbeaks! Things kept going with a Scarlet Tanager up high, but right out in the open with the sun directly on it. Incredible colors on everything.

The rest of the trip was pretty good with my first Swainson’s Thrush and Red-eyed Vireo of the year and a few more warblers (and more orioles and grosbeaks).

Since I blew the chance at a bunch of great photos, here’s a fair shot from a past trip:


3 thoughts on “Always bring a Camera”

  1. Excellent advise Jason! It never fails, if you don’t have your camera, you will see plenty of great photo ops :-0

    Glad to hear that you had a super outing though. Lots of good sightings! And thanks for sharing your photo from the last photo op.

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