Wing me

Since I didn’t bother taking any photos this weekend (Saturday it was cloudy and dark and I have no idea why I didn’t Sunday), here’s an Eastern Phoebe from last weekend:

Where's my wing?

Where's my wing?

I started to post this thinking that the wing looked funny but after looking more carefully I think the tuft on the belly is just obscuring it a bit and it is all there.

4 thoughts on “Wing me”

  1. We are Planning a Birders who Blog,Tweet and Chirp bird outing…several people interested so far
    Christopher from Picus blog
    Dan from Nature observances by forestal
    Bev from Behind the bins
    Jeff and myself
    let us know if you are interested..
    we are looking for a nice area to bird for a day possibly two..but one would be fine..
    let me know what you think and if you may be interested.

    1. Gah, 3 days in June and July that I’m busy and you pick events for 2 of them (assuming 7/11 is the final day).

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