A nice surprise today was a presumed family group of 3 Red-shouldered Hawks (2 juvs and an adult).

young shoulder

young shoulder

That’s juv #1, which was right in front of me.

Juv #2 was further away (and I didn’t know it was a second bird at first). A Sharp-shinned Hawk came in and eventually took a couple swipes at it, moments after this excellent shot:

Shoulder and Sharpie

You’ll probably want to click through to see it bigger. I also added notes to point out the birds (the Sharpie is especially hidden).

7 thoughts on “Shoulders”

  1. Nice captures of the Juve Jason. What did the inexperienced Red-shouldered Hawk do as the Sharpie swooped down on it? Did it hold its ground? Or perch as the case may be?

  2. …beautiful photos! Interesting to see both species together. Every now and then a Coopers and a Sharpie show up at the same time in my backyard, but we’ve never had a Red-shouldered.

  3. Nice job. Love those first two photos.

    And I am likewise glad you labeled the birds on flickr. I’d never have found the sharpie.

  4. Great catch… I usually see coopers or sharpies here……Thank you for the added notes as I wouldn’t have seen it either but I am a novice so that doesn’t say much… lol.. Michelle

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