Waltham Eagles!

I took yesterday and today off to scout for the CBC. Yesterday was too cold and windy to go out (and I had other things to do that I’ll talk about eventually) but today was somewhat better. However, as I was getting ready to go I got a phone call saying check my email about an eagle on the Charles. It was in a spot that’s outside the count circle but I headed over (luckily while I was reading the email my father called to say he was heading home, so I was able to wait for him).

After looping around a bit due to road construction, we reached Woerd Ave. The observer lives on Riverview Ave, although I’m not sure where exactly, so we pulled in at the boat ramp for a quick scan and then headed to Purgatory Cove. Crossing the bridge, I saw two(!) huge lumps on the ice. After almost swerving off the road, I managed to park and we jumped out. There were two adult Bald Eagles sitting next to what appeared to have been a cormorant.




I set up the scope and attempted to digiscope a picture or two as well (not any better than these, so not uploading them). While doing so, a car screeched to a halt and someone got out. She came over and completely ignored the eagles, instead asking me to check on the swans that were way off to the side and see how many young ones there were. Not going to question, but I don’t understand.

After a few more shots, the cold and wind off the river got to be too much, so we turned around and headed home. A very overdue bird for Waltham (#183, 107 along the Charles).

Crows, Eagles, Most of a Cormorant

Crows had enough

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  1. We live on South Street in Waltham across from the WCRB garages.

    Two bald eagles soaring overhead by the Charles just now. One was easy to watch for a bit, the other sort of disappeared.


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