Concord in the storms

After wandering around in the mist yesterday morning and seeing very little, I finally decided that Great Meadows was probably the place to be. Right decision, a bit too late, as I immediately ran into Cole, David, and Tim and found that I missed a probable Arctic Tern and 3 Black-bellied Plovers. The Red-necked Grebe didn’t move and, fortunately, the shorebird show continued a bit, with both yellowlegs, some Solitaries, a Least, and a Red-necked Phalarope all flying around.

Red-necked Phalarope

Guessing the loons overhead were not overly related. Moderate swallow/swift show including a Cliff plus a possibly interesting swift.

Mt. Auburn kept me from the Willets Sunday, but I decided to head back after seeing that report and the rain moving in. Wasn’t the best trip, not many swallows and nothing else overhead. The ibis did finally fly around, so it wasn’t a wasted trip at least.


Stopped at Elm Brook on the way home and got Simon a yardbird (and the first I’ve seen in state away from Great Meadows and not chased).