May Azures

In addition to all the other highlights at Met State, I had a bunch of Azures (Celastrina sp.). Most appeared to be the recently described Cherry Gall (C. serotina) but one looked a little different. The best part was one basking with its wings open, something they almost never do. I missed my first chance to get some shots and lost track of it as it flew down the path. Luckily, after photographing the questionable one, the other returned and again opened his wings, allowing me several shots!

Here’s a couple shots of that guy:




Open-winged Azure

And the odd one:


Note that the wing is slightly damaged, so you can see a bit of the upperside. Is this one a late ladon or another serotina? It seems a bit dirtier than the others.

As a reminder that you can click on any photo and then click the “All Sizes” button to get a slightly larger view.