Whats This?

Back from a little over a week in Colorado. Lots of things to post about, but still working through photos and stuff so it’ll be a little while before I get things up.

Little crypsis challenge

In the meantime, here’s a photo that I almost deleted straight off the camera. What was I taking?

2 thoughts on “Whats This?”

  1. This is one of the few times where a smaller aperture/larger depth of field would have been rather useful 🙂

    And since I don’t even know my New England butterflies or moths well, I am not going to try to guess at the id of this critter on the back right side of that flower. (I have to admit that I am proud of myself that I found it though!)

    1. Yep, that’s it although it’s a Rocky Mountain species. I thought it had left them frame and couldn’t figure out how it had flown off the flower so quickly, took several minutes of staring at the computer to catch on.

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