WIR 4/5-4/11

Monday 4/5: Checked the parkway at BBN without much of anything.

Tuesday 4/6: Had a meeting at 12 so had to make an early lunch run. Quick stop at Hardy Pond had a 1-2 Wood Ducks and not much else.

Wednesday 4/7: Prospect Hill: 2 Cabbage White, 1 Mourning Cloak, first Six-spotted Tiger Beetle of the year, not much else. Struck out on woodcock again at night. Hairy came back though.

Thursday 4/8: Merlin down the street before work. Nothing along Woerd Ave at lunch.

Friday 4/9: Too rainy for much but there were quite a few Tree Swallows at Hardy Pond finally.

Saturday 4/10: Started by leading a Menotomy trip to BBN. It was pretty quiet with a bunch of Palm Warblers being the main highlight. The phoebes weren’t at the nest, but here’s a picture from last week:

Phoebe Nest

Also checked Hayden Woods (more Palms and a Pine) and Prospect Hill (first Hermit Thrush of the year).

Sunday 4/11: Dunback had a couple singing Ruby-crowned Kinglets and a Chipping Sparrow. A few Palms and a Rough-winged Swallow at Mt. Auburn. The ibis at Nine Acre Corner cooperated and there were a couple snipe at the School St. Fields.